May 24, 2016

Black Metal Moore

Frame from Denigrata's "Kyrie Eleison" video.
Alan Moore makes a special guest appearance in the last video of Northampton-based DENIGRATA, an ambient, tech-fuelled black metal collective. See around time 02:05.

May 20, 2016

Dave Sim and the Watchmen dedication

Graphitti Designs Watchmen.

[Dave Sim:] As [Moore] wrote in the dedication in my copy of the Graphitti Designs hardcover of Watchmen: "If you want to picture how perfect this would have been without a DC logo anywhere, try to imagine what ‘Workingman’s Dead’ would have sounded like if Jerry Garcia had all his fingers. 
Best wishes, respect and admiration always 
Alan Moore"

May 17, 2016

Alan Moore about Hellboy and Mignola

Art © Mike Mignola.
From the introduction to Hellboy: Wake the Devil

"Hellboy is a gem, one of considerable size and a surprising luster.  While it is obviously a gem that has been mined from that immeasurably rich seam first excavated by the late Jack Kirby, it is in the skillful cutting and the setting of the stone that we can see Mignola’s sharp contemporary sensibilities at work.” [Alan Moore]

May 16, 2016

Manhattan and Nemo by Francesco Biagini

Art by Francesco Biagini
Dr. Manhattan's sketch (above) and Captain Nemo's one (below) drawn by Italian comic book artist Francesco Biagini.
Art by Francesco Biagini

May 10, 2016

Unearthing Live!

Alan Moore's Unearthing live performance.
"Alan Moore's live performance with Crook&Flail in the Old Vic Tunnels in 2010 was thought to be lost. But the tapes have been found and remastered into a glorious frenzy of bizarre and dream like visuals by Damien Sung."
More information HERE.

May 1, 2016

Swamp Thing by Michele Benevento

Art by Michele Benevento.
Above and below (pencils and preliminary sketch), Swamp Thing by Italian comic book artist Michele Benevento (co-creator of Bonelli's series Lukas). 
The illustration have been published on the author's blog (here) to accompany an article which Benevento wrote for a DC celebration book but was not included in the printed version.
Art by Michele Benevento.

Apr 12, 2016

A matter of passion

Alan Moore by  Spanish artist Mario Rivière.
Below, a short piece I wrote for the Alan Moore Special published in August 2001 on (the site is not reachable anymore).

A matter of passion
In a recent interview [originally here; the link is not available anymore] answering a "what is comics for you?" question, Mr. Alan Moore said: "Comics is for me an art form which is of tremendous importance but which is largely marginalized, is seen as unimportant. The more I look at comics, the more interesting they become. It strikes me that comics are perhaps the original human art form, that a sequence of pictures telling a story has got to be one of the oldest forms of language, whether you're talking about Egyptian hieroglyphics or Chinese ideograms. [...] There's still such a lot that could be done with comics, still new forms that can be achieved and imagined. I've been doing them for twenty years; I'm nowhere near reaching the limit of what comics can do. [...] Even if the spotlight of public attention moves away, that won't faze me in the slightest. It's still a form I can see potential in, it probably sounds arrogant but that's the only person I'm interested in. If I can see the potential there, there's potential there, it doesn't matter if other people can't see it. In fact, I'd probably rather I was the only one who could see it; there'd be more for me, all the more unbroken ground. [...] I cannot imagine a point in the future where I will completely abandon comics for another media. I think there's enough there for me to continue working with different combinations of words and images for the rest of my days. It's a boundless ocean that I could get lost in; I would really like to see a few more people taking the plunge."

Among these words we can find the key to understand.
The starting point to comprehend the true power of the best writer comic art has ever had.
In these words all becomes clear and we can feel, as a tangible thing, the passion Mr. Moore has for the comics medium. This passion is the natural propelling force he uses to imagine words and worlds.

It's passion that feeds technique and structure, that gives him the input to ideate anomalous comics masterpieces such as Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell.

It's passion that makes him happy to play with minor toys such as Supreme or Mr. Majestic breathing in them a shining life.

It's passion that moves his respect for the audience and the artists. It's this passion that gives him the impulse to put on paper thousands of words to describe a single panel.

And again it's this inextinguishable feeling that guides Mr. Moore in the deep waters of comics ocean while all the others stay around the coasts.

Long life to the long-haired bearded Genius and... long life to comic art!

smoky man, August 2001

Apr 10, 2016

Rorschach by Gabriele Dell’Otto

Art by Gabriele Dell'Otto.
Above an amazing Rorschach by Italian extraordinary comic book artist and illustrator GABRIELE DELL'OTTO. The illustration is included in his recent exhibition catalogue, limited to 150 copies, titled Out of Darkness (more info and preview here).