Oct 29, 2012

Alan Moore vs Stan Lee

Illustration by AKAB.
[...] Moore went on to explain that while he shouldn’t say unpleasant things about an elderly man whose work he used to admire, he detests Stan Lee - and that back in the day "there was a reason why 'Jolly' Jack Kirby wasn’t always jolly, why 'Sturdy' Steve Ditko wasn't always sturdy, and why 'Smiling' Stan Lee was always smiling."

More info and the original video from the NICE Convention can be found HERE.

Oct 16, 2012

Alan Moore... football player

Art by Gary Spencer Millidge
Above, the card drawn by Gary Spencer Millidge for "Deck of Cards II", in aid of ChildLine, realized for the Bristol Comics Festival 2003. Below, you can see the original piece.

Posted on this blog with the author's permission.
Art by Gary Spencer Millidge

Oct 11, 2012

Sergio Toppi and Alan Moore

Above, you can admire a spectacularly intense portrait of Moore drawn by Italian comics Legend SERGIO TOPPI.

Toppi would would have turned 80 years old today. Happy birthday, Master!

Oct 9, 2012

Daniel Acuña and the Spanish Supremacy

Art by Daniel Acuña
In 2004, Daniel Acuña drew some covers for the Spanish edition of Supreme, published by Dolmen Editorial. See the image above and the one below.
More can be found at Acuña's blog.
Art by Daniel Acuña

Oct 6, 2012

Alan Moore goes to... PROVIDENCE!

The 22th of September 2012, during the first N.I.C.E. convention, Alan Moore announced his new comics project to be published by Avatar Press, PROVIDENCE, a sequel of Neonomicon
It will be a 10 part series, set in 1919, featuring Lovecraft himself as a character and exploring the inspiration behind the horrific mythology he created.
The series' illustrator has not been officially announced yet but it's highly probable it will be Neonomicon artist, Jacen Burrows.
See and listen Moore talking about Providence in the video below.