Sep 23, 2012

Alan Moore action figure

An Alan Moore Custom Action Figure!
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Sep 22, 2012

AM Portrait: Rorschach and Ladytron

Art by Stefano Raffaele
From Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman: Rorschach (plus Alan Moore, above) and Ladytron (plus Moore and some elements from V for Vendetta and Watchmen, below). Respectively from page 172 and page 238 of the sold-out book I co-edited with Gary Spencer Millidge in 2003.
Both illustrations have been drawn by acclaimed Italian artist STEFANO RAFFAELE and posted on this blog with the artist's permission. Raffaele has worked for the most important Italian, American and French comics publishing houses. In recent years he has often collaborated with writer Christophe Bec on series like Pandemonium, Sarah and Under. He also wrote and drew the horror-romance Fragile.
Art by Stefano Raffaele

Sep 13, 2012

AM Portrait: smoke circles

Art by Rich Johnston
From Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman, page 74 of the sold-out volume published in 2003 by Abiogenesis Press.
A 1page comics by RICH JOHNSTON, one of the most well-known comics reporters on the Internet and the man currently behind the popular site He also writes comics and... he can draw, too! 
The page has been posted on this blog with the author's permission.

Sep 3, 2012

Nemo goes to the South Pole

Art by Kevin O'Neill
A new adventure set in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen's Universe is coming in February 2013. A one shot self-contained episode starring the "new" Capitain Nemo, titled Nemo: Heart of Ice, which ventures into the terrible polar territories and in the same fictional domains imagined by Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft.

"Captain Nemo’s daughter and successor plans to take her feared and celebrated black submersible back to the world’s South Pole in an attempt to lay her sire’s intimidating ghost forever."

More can be read here.

Jack the Ripper... is coming back!

Art by Eddie Campbell
In March 2013, Top Shelf will publish From Hell Companion, a 288 page volume put together by Eddie Campbell with never-before-seen sketches, scripts, photos and anecdotes from the making-of the graphic novel. A book that promises to be the likes of which we haven’t seen before

A bit more can be read here.