Jul 14, 2018

Extraordinary Gentlemen by David Hitchcock

Art by David Hitchcock.
Above, a stunning commission piece by great British comic book artist and illustrator DAVID HITCHCOCK portraying The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
(Grazie David for sending me the picture!)

For more info about David Hitchcock: Blog - Twitter page

Jul 1, 2018

Alan Moore by Marcello Albano

Art by Marcello Albano.
Above, a portrait of Alan Moore by Italian comic book writer and artist Marcello Albano.
Marcello was a friend of mine, a gentleman, a great soul, a musician and a real comics lover and expert. He suddenly passed away in 2017 and... I miss him a lot.

In the past days I found two CDs and letters he sent me in 2001 full of his works and drawings. One of the CD cover is the Alan Moore portrait you can see above. It is dedicated to my old comics site Ultrazine.

Marcello was an admirer of Moore's works with a huge interest for esotericism. He also contributed with a short text to the Alan Moore: Portrait book (read here) I co-edited in 2003.