Apr 24, 2019

Scorpion Moore by Onofrio Catacchio

Above, the Scorpion Moore, the original ink version, by Italian comics Maestro ONOFRIO CATACCHIO. You can also admire the colour version HERE.

In the past weeks I successfully performed a magic ritual so the artist spontaneously sent me his fantastic original art. Grazie mille, Onofrio! :)

I am a Scorpio boy too! ;)

Apr 22, 2019

Eddie Campbell on The Birth Caul

Excerpt from an interview I did in 2000 published on my Ultrazine.org (not online anymore).

EDDIE CAMPBELL: The Birth Caul is the best thing that Alan has ever written. He wrote it as a theatrical performance monologue which he performed in the old county court house in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne on his 40th birthday. It was recorded and released as a CD and subsequently we adapted it into a comic. 
It is a dark and profound piece of poetry which made extraordinary demands upon me as an artist, particularly the chapters on childhood where he has re-created perfectly more than anything else I have ever read the feelings of growing up.
I had to come up with many unusual solutions to the problems of matching images to such an elusive text. In one instance I smashed up an alarm clock and glued parts of it to the page. In another I stitched together a miniature pair of child's pajamas and glued them to the page.

Apr 21, 2019

Cyclopic Moore by Brian Catling

Art by Brian Catling.
Above, a recent portrait of Alan Moore as a cyclops by poet, sculptor, writer, performance artist, and educator Brian Catling

"[...] a revealing portrayal of a well-known warlock from Northampton, celebrating the singularity of his genius."

Apr 10, 2019

Extraordinary Moore by Jim Lee

Art by JIM LEE.
Above, the (rarely seen) stunning illustration drawn by superstar artist JIM LEE as contribution to the sold-out  Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman, published in 2003 by Abiogenesis on the occasion of Moore's 50th birthday.

I remember we received the art at the very last moment, probably just few days before going to print and... we were totally blew away by it!

Grazie mille, Jim!