Jul 27, 2020

V by Giovanni Timpano

Above, a stunning panoramic commission featuring V drawn by Italian comic book artist GIOVANNI TIMPANO. Timpano is the artist and co-creator of Image acclaimed series Eclipse.

For more info about Timpano, visit his site: HERE.

Jul 23, 2020

Alan Moore supports Extinction Rebellion

Alan Moore supports Extinction Rebellion.
We have to be completely clear upon this, the science is unanimous. If we do not want the planet to be almost uninhabitable apart from, perhaps, some polar regions then we have to do something NOW. --- ALAN MOORE

Full transcript is available HERE.

Jul 21, 2020

Astro Alan by Hilary Barta

Art by Hilary Barta.
Above, a stellar Alan Moore portrait by the great HILARY BARTA.
BARTA co-created with Moore the character of Splash Brannigan for the ABC's line.

For more info about Barta check his blog (HERE) and read his Wikipedia entry (HERE).

Grazie Hilary for such amazing spaceman Moore! :)

Jul 20, 2020

Alan Moore by Laurent Lefeuvre

Art by Laurent Lefeuvre.
Above and below, two Alan Moore portraits drawn by French artist Laurent Lefeuvre

The illustration above has been used by Komics Initiative as cover for their Free Comic Book Day France comic (check here), promoting their upcoming Alan Moore Visions book (scheduled for this September).

For more info about Lefeuvre, visit his site: HERE (in French).

Art by Laurent Lefeuvre.

Jul 19, 2020

Rorschach by Marco Soldi

Above, a fantastic illustration by acclaimed Italian comic book artist MARCO SOLDI featuring Rorschach and... a well known Inspector, also, in his legendary trench coat outfit. 

The illustration has been realized as contribution to Watchmen 20 anni dopo, an Italian tribute book to Watchmen published in 2006 by  Lavieri.