Jun 30, 2014

Alan Moore on Iain Sinclair

"Iain had a profound effect upon my writing style, it's probably more evident to me than to other people. It was more the fact that after reading Iain's work I felt that I had to man up, I had to shift things up a gear, because knowing that prose of that quality was possible, unless you tried to address that, any other response is like, cowardice, or defeat, surrender... It was like when I read Burroughs as a teenager. It made me realise that prose was capable of doing certain other things than things that I had previously attributed to it. Later on I found that Iain's kind of literary genealogy is not a million miles away from my own, its just that his has got a much finer eye attached to it and a much greater body of knowledge, but I think we were both inspired by the energy of the Beat writers and the culture that spread out from them. So there were points of contact, but the sheer level of attack that Iain puts into his writing... it raises the bar, that's the best way to describe it." [Alan Moore]

Jun 22, 2014

Watchmen meet Hanna-Barbera

Art by Daniel García-Nieto.
Above, a fantastic mash-up homage by Daniel García-Nieto.

More info about the artist at his website: here.

Jun 20, 2014

Ozy and Bubastis by Ryan Ottley

Art by Ryan Ottley.
Above, an illustration by Ryan Ottley featuring Ozymandias and his genetically-engineered lynx Bubastis, from Watchmen.

Jun 19, 2014

Amazing Top 10 page by Gene Ha

Page 2 from Top 10 N. 8 by Gene Ha.
From the blog of Top 10's artist Gene Ha: here.

"This was the hardest single page I ever drew. Alan Moore was too sick to write much Top 10 for me, so he wrote one page of script of Peregrine getting ready for work while listening to the news. The second page was a top down shot of Peregrine leaving her flying mansion, looking directly down on all of Neopolis. Every inch of the page had to be covered with cityscape. It took me four days working all out to get this finished. By then he’d recovered and had to figure out the rest of the story.
It’s widely considered the finest issue of Top 10. Including by me.
" [Gene Ha]


Art by Anthony Misiano.
Above, The Killing Joke photographic tribute by Anthony Misiano.

Jun 12, 2014

Mago Supremo by Caio Oliveira

Alan Moore: Mago Supremo, page 14. Art by: Caio Oliveira. Colors: Danielle Dantas.
Above, a page from a comics realized by Brazilian artist Caio Oliveira, featuring... Alan Moore as a supreme wizard. The stories is full of funny references to comics creators and stories.

More about Caio Oliveira here.
Alan Moore: Mago Supremo, page 13. Art by: Caio Oliveira. Colors: Danielle Dantas.

Jun 11, 2014

Miracleman by Julian Totino Tedesco

Art by Julian Totino Tedesco.
Above, some amazing discarded cover sketches for Miracleman N. 6 (Marvel Comics) by the Argentinian artist Julian Totino Tedesco
Below, the final cover.
Art by Julian Totino Tedesco.

Jun 8, 2014

The Fury by Tom Scioli

Art by Tom Scioli.
Above The Fury - the character originally created by Alan Moore and Alan Davis during their Captain Britain's run - drawn by Tom Scioli for a Phoenix Comicon 2014 commission. 

More information about Tom Scioli at his site: here.