Nov 23, 2015

Alan Moore by Dario Grillotti

Art by Dario Grillotti.
Above an intense Alan Moore portrait by Italian illustrator, comic artist and urban sketcher Dario Grillotti

For more info about Grillotti visit his tumblr: here.

Nov 20, 2015

M for Metterton

Art by by sTUDIOpAZZIA.
Above, a portrait sketch of Frank Metterton (from Jimmy's End) by sTUDIOpAZZIA (note that it has been drawn the 18th of November, Moore's 62th birthday).

Nov 19, 2015

Alan Moore by Otto Gabos

Art by Otto Gabos.
Above an enigmatic and mysterious Alan Moore's portrait drawn by well-known Italian comics artist and graphic-novelist OTTO GABOS in the occasion of Moore's 62th birthday.

Nov 18, 2015

Moore 62

Alan Moore by Claudia "Nuke" Razzoli.
This year we celebrate MOORE's 62th birthday with... a little help from my friends: MAMMAIUTO, an acclaimed Italian collective of comics artists. 
For the occasion, Claudia Razzoli, Samuel Daveti, Giorgio Trinchero, Laura Camelli and Lorenzo Palloni specifically drew a set of intense Moore portraits. Enjoy!

And... Happy birthday, Bearded Magus! 

Grazie, Mammaiuto.
Alan Moore by Samuel Daveti.
Alan Moore by Giorgio Trinchero.
Alan Moore by Laura "La Came" Camelli.
Alan Moore by Lorenzo Palloni.

Nov 16, 2015

Barry Windsor-Smith, Alan Moore and Miracleman

Barry Windsor-Smith cover art for Miracleman N. 24 (Eclipse Comics).
Excerpt from The Comics Journal N. 190 (September 1996).
"[...] Within my parameters, my overview, say, when I was in my mid-20s, I honestly believed the comic books I was creating had value to them … not all of ’em mind you, Avengers #100 didn’t really rise above street level, y’know, but I had pride in something about those books like Conan, Doc Strange, and stuff I forget now. My drawing wasn’t always the greatest but I believe my storytelling had integrity because I had a background in books and plays and other literary endeavors that wasn’t just comic-books: Hell, I read Steinbeck when I was 14.1 don’t see intensity in modern Marvel and Image and what have you, no matter how abstracted it might be for the sake of the superhero genre, I can’t see it. 
But when I read the entirety of Alan Moore’s Miracleman I was thrilled by his diverse experience and knowledge — you don’t find that depth in Youngblood." [Barry Windsor-Smith; the complete interview can be read here]

Excerpt from George Khoury's Kimota! book.
"[...] The fact is that Moore made me a fan again. He was one of the reasons that I returned to the field. He rekindled my spirit, my sense of wonder, and my foundering faith that the medium can be an artform." [Barry Windsor-Smith]

Nov 4, 2015

Miracleman by David Hitchcock

Art by David Hitchcock.
Above, a stunning Miracleman portrayed by British artist David Hitchcock.
For more info about David Hitchcock visit his blog: here.