May 23, 2011

new Moore projects

One frame from the storyboard for Jimmy’s End, Mitch Jenkins‘ new film written by Alan Moore.
From Bleeding Cool.
It seems that there is more Moore than we can imagine.

In a recent interview by Pádraig Ó Méalóid titled Boy From The Boroughs, Moore said: "[About Jimmy's End] I don’t want to announce anything regarding who or what that might be, but it’s people that I find interesting, and we’re not talking to anybody from Hollywood. [...] Well, at the moment we’re just talking about a short ten minute film. There are possibilities beyond that, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves. The ten minute film Jimmy’s End is the cornerstone for everything that follows, so we want to just treat that as entirely a thing in itself. Then when people have seen that, they will be able to judge whether they would be interested in the other possible film, television series, or whatever, that we’ve got to follow that up. But I can tell you that it’s coming on very well, it’s looking very, very interesting and if, by the end of the week, we’ve got the funding sorted out, then we should be going into filming very soon, and it’ll take us about a week to film it. So, later in the year is my best guess, but I’m spending a lot of my time thinking about ideas related to Jimmy’s End at the moment, so I think that people will be interested when we’ve finally got it developed enough to be able to show people some of the stuff we’ve been coming up with."

Furthermore, Bleeding Cool revealed the Alan Moore’s Big New Multi-Media Thing: "Hey this is the 21st century people want to expand everything into multiple platforms, into games and all sorts of things, so what if I embraced that, what if I came up with a concept that could spin out into all sorts of things that I believe, in the way that I wanted to… That would be quite diabolical, couldn’t it?"

I can't wait to know... Moore!