Aug 31, 2017

The Show in the making

Art by Paul Chessell.
Today Mitch Jenkins has launched The Show official site on Instagram: "Official site for Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' new feature film, The Show. Regular updates now that the film is fully funded and in pre-production."

In his first post Jenkins announced: "Me and Alan start our new adventure as of now. It seems the bloody feature film has been fully funded. We will be posting everything Alan / Mitch and The Show here most days." 

Aug 23, 2017

Rorschach by J.G. Jones

Art by J.G. Jones.
Above, a gorgeous and ruminative Rorschach drawn by the excellent J.G. Jones.

Aug 22, 2017

Chester Brown on Alan Moore and Watchmen

Watchmen n.3. Cover art by Dave Gibbons.
Excerpt from The Comics Journal n. 135 (April 1990). The complete interview is available here.

SCOTT GRAMMEL: CBG has pointed out as proof of comics’ maturity that we have hardcover collections of Watchmen and Dark Knight, and paperback collections of Chaykin’s Shadow, and the like. I’m wondering if you find any worth in the current vogue for high-gloss superheroes.

CHESTER BROWN: I like some of it. I like Alan Moore’s stuff. He’s a good writer, and I’m glad he’s moved beyond that stage, that he’s doing his own stuff now. But I read Watchmen and enjoyed it.

GRAMMEL: Do you think it proved that comics are art?

BROWN: I don’t think he proved it. I mean, wasn’t it proved before him?

GRAMMEL: But it’s now being taught in university classes. Didn’t you see that in CBG? [Laughter.] Which only goes to show that they’ll have classes in everything.

BROWN: Yeah, I know.

GRAMMEL: What did you think of the art in Watchmen?

BROWN: I liked it. Dave Gibbons is talented. He draws well.

GRAMMEL: Didn’t you feel claustrophobic reading it? It was so tight.

BROWN: No, I liked it fine.

The complete interview is available here.

Aug 17, 2017

Silk Spectre by David Roach

Art by David Roach.
Above, a gorgeous Silk Spectre portrayed by British comic book artist and writer David Roach.

Aug 16, 2017

1963 ashcans

Above and below, covers of the limited edition 1963 Alan Moore/Stephen R. Bissette IMAGE COMICS ASHCAN PREVIEW: THE FEARLESS FURY and IMAGE COMICS ASHCAN PREVIEW: THE UNBELIEVABLE N-MAN!
These ‘ashcan’ previews of then-forthcoming Image Comics series 1963 by Alan Moore, Rick Veitch, Stephen R. Bissette and friends were printed in limited quantities of 2500 copies each; produced and published by Moondog Comics. They're each 26 pages, feature bonus character design artwork and notes on the Fury and N-Man's creation.

Aug 10, 2017

Super Moore by Lorenzo Palloni

Art by Lorenzo Palloni.
Above, an inspired portrait of Alan Moore drawn by Italian comic book golden boy, artist and writer LORENZO PALLONI.

For more info about Lorenzo Palloni: blog - Mammaiuto

Aug 3, 2017

Alan Moore by Massimo Giacon

Above, a stunning Alan Moore portrait by Italian Renaissance man, comic book artist, musician, painter, performer and designer MASSIMO GIACON.

More information about the artist can be found at his website, HERE.

Grazie, Massimo!