Nov 25, 2017

The Green Side of Moore by Sergio Ponchione

Above a gorgeously stunning portrait of Alan Moore in the shape of Swamp Thing or vice-versa, guest-starring John Constantine, by Italian amazing comic book artist SERGIO PONCHIONE.

PONCHIONE is a regular collaborator of Bonelli publishing house, currently contributing as artist on the cult-series Mercurio Loi. He also recently released his last graphic novel, Memorabilia.
His works has been published in English by Fantagraphics.

Grazie infinite, Sergio, for the fantastic portrait! Viva Glicone!

Nov 6, 2017

Italian edition of Jerusalem... in November

Rizzoli Lizard is going to release the Italian edition of Alan Moore's Jerusalem this 9th of November.

It's a huge hard-cover book, 1540 pages. Translated by Massimo Gardella.
Pictures are from Rizzoli Lizard Facebook page, here.

Nov 4, 2017

90s lost project with Rick Veitch

Art by Rick Veitch.
Some months ago Rick Veitch posted on his Facebook page the above picture: "Character design for an Alan Moore project we never got around to doing."
Veitch added: "It was conceived about ten years ago. Mostly as a vehicle to develop ideas Alan was interested in concerning time, space and higher dimensions in a Kirby flavored retro style. I don't think we ever had a title."