Jun 25, 2015

Watchmen and... a bird table

"This is the Hugo Award that Alan Moore and I won for Watchmen. Alan, I believe, took his and put it in the garden upside down and used as a bird table." [Dave Gibbons]

Jun 18, 2015

no Big Ben

Art by Alan Davis.

"The initial sketch for this Marvelman cover was a little too woolly and vague so Big Ben wasn't recognised during the approval process. Clearly visible in the final pencils I discovered  there were legal issues preventing Big Ben appearing so he had to be removed. Rather than  erasing the figure and risking damaging the page  surface I drew the correction on a separate patch which I inserted after Mark had inked both parts." [Alan Davis]

The whole cover process - rough, pencils, inks (by Mark Farmer) and modified part - can be seen here.

The final illustration has been used as cover for Miracleman N. 4 (Marvel Comics).

Jun 17, 2015


Art by Johnny Ryan.
Above, a funny commission drawn by American alternative comics creator Johnny Ryan, from Bryan G.'s CAF gallery.

Jun 15, 2015

Alan Moore by Kathryn Rathke

Art by Kathryn Rathke.
Above, a gorgeous portrait of Alan Moore drawn by artist Kathryn Rathke.

I found this illustration in an Intelligent Life article, here.

For more info about Kathryn Rathke visit her website: here.

Jun 13, 2015

skimpy script

Swampmen cover by Frank Cho.
Excerpt from the interview included in COMIC BOOK CREATOR #6 presents SWAMPMEN: MUCK-MONSTERS AND THEIR MAKERS (page 135, Twomorrows, 2014).
The interview was conducted by Jon B. Cooke & George Khoury in May 2002. 

I know that I've been notorious or famous for doing those very long scripts. When I went back to look at the first "Marvelman" script, I was shocked. How did I ever get away with this skimpy script? These descriptions are barely a paragraph long! Some of the panel descriptions are a few lines. These days, say Promethea, that's going to be a 48 pages of type for a 24-page comic, and there have been some like the Moebius strip page in Promethea #15 where the script was 10 pages of manuscript describing it, because it was very complex. I can imagine that my scripts were a lot longer than what DC was used to. [Alan Moore]

Jun 7, 2015

The Decline of English Murder

"And English murder. It’s all over the place."
A song written and sung by Alan Moore. Music by Joe Brown.

More info here.