Sep 30, 2020

The gent with the rings and the serpentine cane


Above, an exceptionally fitting portrait of Moore by acclaimed British comics artist and cartoonist HUNT EMERSON. I am really proud to be the owner of such a gem! Grazie, Hunt! 
I also strongly recommend Emerson's last book, Lives of the great occultists, which has a lot of links with Moore's interests, I know that you know that. Check it HERE!

For more info about EMERSON visit his site: HERE.

Sep 28, 2020

Nite Owl by Duncan Fegredo

Above, a great Nite Owl II sketch by British Master artist DUNCAN FEGREDO. He did it for me during Bristol Comic Festival 2002. Those were the days!

For more info about FEGREDO visit his site: here.

Sep 25, 2020

The Owl and The Man by Franco Brambilla

Above, a brand-new phenomenal illustration by a
cclaimed Italian sci-fi Master FRANCO BRAMBILLA.
"I did it as a possible Urania cover and... you know, I have always loved the Nite Owl ship." [Franco Brambilla
In 2006 Franco, who is a long-time friend of mine, contributed to Watchmen 20 anni dopo, an Italian Watchmen tribute book published by Lavieri. Check it here.
For more info about the artist visit his site: HERE.
Illustration posted on this blog with the author's permission. Grazie Franco for such a gift!

Sep 24, 2020

Le Guide Alan Moore

Cover art by Alexandre BOURGOIS.
This June Editions ActuSF released a book exploring Moore's whole career, for the French market.  
The 300-page volume has been written by translator and comics expert Laurent Queyssi together with journalist Nicolas Trespallé.
More info HERE, in French.

Sep 22, 2020

Moore in black by Simone Pace

Above, a mysterious smoking Moore captured by Italian illustrator and comic book artist SIMONE PACE

For more info about Pace check his Behance and Tumblr page.

Sep 20, 2020

Preliminary Angri Alan

In the past days I was trying to sort out my comics and original art collection. 
It came out a... preliminary pencil sketch that TIZIANO ANGRI sent me - years ago - with his final Moore portrait!
I confess that I couldn't remember it. Neither could Tiziano.
So... here we go! Enjoy!

Sep 18, 2020

Watchmen: a perfect recap page

By G. Camuncoli (pencils), L. Ruggiero (inks), F. D'Auria & M. Corradini (gray tones & sfx). 
Above, a perfect Watchmen recap page (after Gibbons) in its classic 9-panel grid, with every single panel wisely selected from the original source. 
By Italians Giuseppe Camuncoli (pencils), Lorenzo Ruggiero (inks), Fabio D'Auria & Mauro Corradini (gray tones & sfx). 

The illustration has been realized as contribution to Watchmen 20 anni dopo, an Italian tribute book to Watchmen published in 2006 by Lavieri.
Giuseppe Camuncoli (pencils)
, Lorenzo Ruggiero (inks).

Sep 17, 2020

The Show... in October

The Show
, the movie written by Moore and directed by Mitch Jenkins, will be finally premiered this October at Sitges Film Festival!
More info and details HERE.

Sep 16, 2020

Fiction, Opera and Magicians

Stripgids n.7. Cover art by Dave McKean.
Below, a small excerpt from a long interview conducted by journalist Peter Moerenhout and published in Belgian magazine Stripgids n.7, June 2020.

Special thanks to Peter Moerenhout for his permission to post the excerpt from the original interview text. Grazie, Peter!
Alan Moore: [...] As far as new fiction goes, I was very pleased to write a longish short story for PS Publishing’s authorised revival of Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds, my favourite magazine of all time and one which it was a boyhood dream of mine to contribute to. The story I’ve written, all set in the first femto-second of existence, is titled ‘The Improbably Complex High-Energy State’. Then, after that, I wrote a story of similar length for the next issue of the Northampton Arts Lab magazine, which this time around is a science-fiction anthology edited by Donna Bond. The story [...] is called ‘Location, Location, Location’ and deals with the pressing issue of whereabouts in Bedford Jesus Christ is going to live when he returns after the surely-imminent apocalypse. Another story, which I’m writing at the moment, is titled ‘We Plough the Stars and Scatter’, a science fiction story which, yes, alright, you’ve got me, is set in Northamptonshire, in the Republic of Greater Billing in the year 2062. I’ve met with Tony Bennett from Knockabout to discuss completing and publishing The Moon & Serpent Bumper Book of Magic, but probably the most significant project is the resumption of my abandoned John Dee opera, this time in collaboration with the exquisite musician Howard Gray. I’ve written another of the short intervals that punctuate the narrative, an operatic conversation between the dying magus and his faithful surviving daughter Katherine. [...] and have contributed short to-camera pieces for various causes, such as Extinction Rebellion. [...]
More info about Stripgids: HERE.

Sep 15, 2020

Captain Nemo by Filipe Andrade

Above, a great Captain Nemo by Portuguese comic book artist FILIPE ANDRADE.

More info about Andrade HERE.

Sep 14, 2020

Furry Al by Alessio Spataro

Above, a fantastic furry portrait of Alan Moore by Italian cartoonist and graphic novelist ALESSIO SPATARO. Splendido, Alessio!

For more info about Spataro check his blog - Facebook - Twitter page.

Sep 9, 2020

Ted Chiang, Obama and... Alan Moore

Above, cover art for the paperback edition of Ted Chiang's Exhalation, a collection of his amazing sci-fi short stories, featuring Obama and... Alan Moore's blurbs!
Beautifully written and conceived, this is a marvellous, astonishing collection that we would do well to read before the worlds it conjures are upon us. Urgently recommended. --- Alan Moore
More info HERE.

Sep 7, 2020

3-eyed Moore by Laurent Lefeuvre

Art by Laurent Lefeuvre.
Above, the variant "collector" cover for Alan Moore Visions (published in France by Komics Initiative) drawn by Laurent Lefeuvre. More info about the book HERE
Making-of by Laurent Lefeuvre.

Sep 6, 2020

Nite Owl commission by Dave Gibbons

Above, a dynamic Golden Age Nite Owl commission drawn by DAVE GIBBONS.

More info HERE.