Dec 28, 2014

that's not a bad thing

Alan Moore with daughter and editor Leah. Photograph: Mitch Jenkins/Leah Moore.
Excerpt from the interview included in the Electricomics booklet.

Alan Moore: We may end up creating something that isn't technically a comic at all but that's not a bad thing. We'll just have to give a name to whatever it is that we've actually formed. Yeah, this has got an awful lot of possibilities, with things that you can do. I suppose what I'm thinking is when I do something as sophisticated, or more sophisticated, in this medium that I can do with comics, as they stand at the moment, then I will be finally convinced.

The Electricomics booklet can be ordered here.

Dec 24, 2014

Alan Moore by Eddie Campbell

Art by Eddie Campbell.
Above, a magic portrait of Alan Moore by From Hell's artist Eddie Campbell. It's an ex-libris produced for the French edition of The Birth Caul. More details here.

Eddie Campbell's blog: here.

Dec 18, 2014

Alan Moore by Joseph Viglioglia

Art by Joseph Viglioglia.

Above, an intense portrait of Alan Moore by Italian professional comic book artist Joseph Viglioglia (also known as Joseph Vig or Eon).

For more info about Viglioglia visit his site: here.

Dec 10, 2014

V by Marco Foderà

Art by Marco Foderà.
Above, an explosive sketch of V by Italian professional comic book artist Marco Foderà.