Dec 8, 2017

Dreadful Beauty: Alan Moore on Jacen Burrows

Art by Jacen Burrows.
Excerpt from the intro written by Alan Moore for Dreadful Beauty: The art of Providence (Avatar Press, 2017).

"[...] Jacen Burrows is, in simple terms, the finest stylist to emerge from American comics in the 2lst century. His art, combining a realistic grasp of space, form and anatomy with the more usually humorous cartoon delivery and precision of the European ligne clair school, achieves a kind of perfect balance that is almost archetypal; makes the style appear somehow familiar despite its bold originality, as if it’s always been there. And indeed, if it had always been there -- if Jacen Burrows, born fifty years earlier, had been amongst the ranks of brilliant individualists that formed the classic E.C. Comics line-up, say-- it wouldn’t have seemed out of place. The artwork and the atmospheres it conjures have a timelessness, a blindingly apparent mastery that would distinguish them in any era. Burrows’ work, eschewing half-tones, hatching and all other modelling or shading styles as if they were a kind of visual noise, emerges as pure signal, albeit a signal lent immense intensity and power by the extraordinary weight of information and exquisite detail it is carrying. His almost forensic line, impeccably controlled, refuses any ambiguity and in this way conveys a sense that what is seen upon the page, no matter how alarming or impossible, has a verisimilitude that borders on the photographic. It might be thought to embody the exacting realism that’s required in presentations of the weird or the fantastical as posited by Lovecraft’s rigorous aesthetic, and as such made Jacen the only conceivable delineator for an opus as demanding and definitive as Providence would prove to be. [...]

Dec 2, 2017

Out from the Underground

Alan Moore, Out from the Underground
Cartooning, Performance, and Dissent
by Maggie Gray

"This book explores Alan Moore’s career as a cartoonist, as shaped by his transdisciplinary practice as a poet, illustrator, musician and playwright as well as his involvement in the Northampton Arts Lab and the hippie counterculture in which it took place. It traces Moore’s trajectory out from the underground comix scene of the 1970s and into a commercial music press rocked by the arrival of punk. In doing so it uncovers how performance has shaped Moore’s approach to comics and their political potential. Drawing on the work of Bertolt Brecht, who similarly fused political dissent with experimental popular art, this book considers what looking strangely at Alan Moore as cartoonist tells us about comics, their visual and material form, and the performance and politics of their reading and making."

Nov 25, 2017

The Green Side of Moore by Sergio Ponchione

Above a gorgeously stunning portrait of Alan Moore in the shape of Swamp Thing or vice-versa, guest-starring John Constantine, by Italian amazing comic book artist SERGIO PONCHIONE.

PONCHIONE is a regular collaborator of Bonelli publishing house, currently contributing as artist on the cult-series Mercurio Loi. He also recently released his last graphic novel, Memorabilia.
His works has been published in English by Fantagraphics.

Grazie infinite, Sergio, for the fantastic portrait! Viva Glicone!

Nov 6, 2017

Italian edition of Jerusalem... in November

Rizzoli Lizard is going to release the Italian edition of Alan Moore's Jerusalem this 9th of November.

It's a huge hard-cover book, 1540 pages. Translated by Massimo Gardella.
Pictures are from Rizzoli Lizard Facebook page, here.

Nov 4, 2017

90s lost project with Rick Veitch

Art by Rick Veitch.
Some months ago Rick Veitch posted on his Facebook page the above picture: "Character design for an Alan Moore project we never got around to doing."
Veitch added: "It was conceived about ten years ago. Mostly as a vehicle to develop ideas Alan was interested in concerning time, space and higher dimensions in a Kirby flavored retro style. I don't think we ever had a title."

Oct 12, 2017

Lost Alan Moore interview in Full Bleed Vol.1

Full Bleed Vol.1 cover art by Cassey Kuo.
Full Bleed Vol.1 - a brand-new quarterly, hand-crafted print-only 200-page hardcover 'magazine' from IDW Publishing - will include a lost interview to Alan Moore conducted by Gavin Edwards and originally intended for Rolling Stone back in 2006. Below you can read a small excerpt.
The magazine estimated delivery time is December 2017.

For more information check the Kickstarter page, here

GAVIN EDWARDS: Do you remember your first trip to London?

ALAN MOORE: I think so. It was in a hired mini-bus with my uncle and my parents and my cousins and my brother. It was in the very early '60s and there were milk bars everywhere, which we thought terribly exotic.

GE: I've heard of milk bars, but I've never seen one outside of A Clockwork Orange. Did they literally serve milk, or were they ice-cream shops?

AM: I'm not even sure. I think it was a kind of café with coffee, tea, and milk. It seems strange looking back now—they can't have served just milk. It was very bohemian in London in the '60s. I presume they just didn't serve alcohol and there was presumably a pretty fast trade in pep pills going on instead. I remember going to the London Zoo and finding that a bit unnerving—I didn't like seeing animals in cages—except when there was an elephant that evacuated its bowels all over one of its keepers spectacularly. I shall never forget that. That was when I was six or seven. I didn't go to London again until I was a teenager and starting to get involved with the early part of comics fandom. I could never live there—it's a bit of a nightmare—but it's a fascinating city. I still go down about once a month.

Oct 7, 2017

Mighty Moore by Leomacs

Art by Leomacs.
Above an eye popping Alan Moore portrait drawn by Italian acclaimed comic book artist LEOMACS, aka Massimiliano Leonardo. 

Leomacs has published works for both the Italian and the French market. He drew stories for Italian comics icons Tex and Dylan Dog. He is also the co-creator of vampire anti-hero Battaglia.

"Moore is not easy to draw but he has a very, very interesting face.", said Leomacs.

Below you can see the preliminary sketches he did.

For more about Leomacs: Facebook page - Blog

Grazie, Leomacs! ;)
Art by Leomacs.

Sep 29, 2017

Alan Moore's amazing shoes by Jeffery~West

Alan Moore and his new shoes!
"We were honoured to have manufactured Alan Moore's personalised Jeffery-West Poison's, made on bespoke Moon Lasts by Michael James of Springline. The last pair that we made for Mr Moore were the Infamous Gold Winged boots for his character Metterton in Jimmy's End; opposing societal norms in a cacophony of riddles! Only Mr Moore can satisfy our phantasmagorical imagination!" [27th of September 2017] 

Jeffery~West is an internationally acclaimed footwear brand based in Northampton. Their creations have been donned by celebrities across the globe including Mickey Rourke, Nick Cave, David Beckham and... Alan Moore, to name but a few.

For more info regarding Jeffery~West: Official site - Facebook