Nov 29, 2021

Alan Moore and... the Russians!

Moore asks: "Do I look like a character from Gogol?"
Watch all the rest HERE!

Nov 26, 2021

AlanMooreVember: In Pictopia!

Art by Jeaux Janovsky
Yesterday entry by the usual suspect... Jeaux Janovsky. I love it! 
"It's based off of Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, in particular the Michael Madsen cop torture ear scene. But mixed with Disney's Goofy and Beavis of Beavis and Butt-Head fame. 
Quite a mash-up.
Indeed, Jeaux! Well done!

Nov 25, 2021

Alan Moore by Cristian Canfailla

Art by Cristian Canfailla
Above, a lovely and intense portrait of Moore by Italian comic book artist, illustrator and storyboard artist Cristian Canfailla. I really love it!

For more info about the artist, visit his page: HERE.

Nov 24, 2021

Pog and Swampy by Shawn McManus

Above, a recent commission by the Great Shawn McManus featuring Pog and Swamp Thing, a reference to his acclaimed Swamp Thing Vol 2 n.32 issue, a fantastic and unforgettable tribute to Walt Kelly's Pogo characters.
For more info and beauty, visit McManus' site: HERE.

Nov 23, 2021

AlanMooreVember: ProMargeThea

Art by Jeaux Janovsky

Again, a fantastic and funny idea (it's AlanMooreVember's entry dated 8th of November) from the explosive mind of Jeaux Janovsky
I am sure Marge and Promethea are laughing in Idea Space, a lot!
AlanMooreVember: Instagram page at @alanmoorevember;

Nov 22, 2021

Alan Moore by Navneel De

Art by Navneel De
Above, an evocative portrait of Alan Moore by Indian artist Navneel De.

Nov 19, 2021

Neil Gaiman on a lost Bojeffries story

I've dug up this in my archives (which are bigger than Idea Space, I suspect).
Some months ago, Neil Gaiman commented on a Facebook post by Brian Bolland about The Bojeffries, here.
Gaiman wrote: "Many years ago, Alan described a Bojeffries story to me he would be writing. It was hilarious and heartbreaking. Some years later I asked about it, and he had absolutely no memory of it. Which says something about his prodigious imagination because I wouldn't have let one that good escape."

And then he added: "It was Ginda's wedding."

Nov 18, 2021

Alan Moore 68: a gift from Richard Pace

Art by Richard Pace
Today is Moore's 68th birthday! So, above a stunning portrait of The Man by Canadian comic book artist and writer RICHARD PACE. Pace has worked for all the big comics companies, for television and games. Currently, he is drawing the controversial and successful series Second Coming published by Ahoy Comics
Grazie, Richard for such a great gift! And... Happy birthday, Alan!

For more info about the artist: Instagram - Twitter - Patreon - Original Art

Alan Moore 68: a gift from Claudio Calia

Art by Claudio Calia
Today is Moore's 68th birthday! So, above a great portrait of The Man by Italian comics artist, teacher and popularizer CLAUDIO CALIA. Moore is wearing his classic hammer and sickle red t-shirt and declaiming a key passage from a past interview. The mask that Moore is holding is his hand is a reference to I Baccanti (The Bacchants), Calia's new series, and of course to V's mask.

Grazie, Claudio! Happy birthday, Alan!

For more info about Calia, visit his site HERE.

Nov 14, 2021

AlanMooreVember: Glycon... sort of!

Art by Jeaux Janovsky
Today entry by artist and friend Jeaux Janovsky. A great one, I admit! Lol!
"I mashed up the snake God puppet with an Australian comic strip character Snake, by Australian cartoonist Sols. 😂  -Jx
AlanMooreVember: Instagram page at @alanmoorevember;

Nov 12, 2021

'90s Moore by Catacchio and Baldazzini

Art by Onofrio Catacchio
Few weeks ago, comic book artist and friend Onofrio Catacchio send me some scans from an old publication. It's the catalogue published in 1991 by Editori del Grifo for the 16th edition of Treviso Comics convention. The book, in Italian (of course), is titled Segni Particolari and was edited by Silvano Mezzavilla, with a great cover by Lorenzo Mattotti.
That Treviso edition was dedicated to several authors including José Munoz and Alan Moore. The catalogue's section about Moore included an excerpt from his Writing for Comics article, selected pages from his comics and 3 portraits: one by Bill Sienkiewicz and two by Italian artists Onofrio Catacchio and Roberto Baldazzini (realized for the catalogue in 1990, I guess a bit in a rush as a... last minute contribution). Note the numbers in Catacchio's version: a clear reference to Big Numbers; at the time there were rumours about an upcoming Italian ed of the now "lost" series. 
Enjoy! (Of course, I've bought a copy of the catalogue!)