Jan 6, 2011

Lettering the League

On his blog, Master of Lettering Todd Klein talks about the process behind the upcoming second 80-page issue of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century (published by Top Shelf).
Klein writes: "Mostly, Alan gives us everything he can think of that might be relevant in the script, then lets us get on with doing the rest of it. So, when Alan does include lettering notes, I try extra hard to come up with something I think he’ll like. There are a couple of examples in this issue."
You can read the whole thing here. A quite interesting and revealing piece.

Images © Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill; Lettering and text © Todd Klein.


  1. Very interesting indeed! I'm always fascinated about Klein and Moore's work relationship; he's Moore's greatest letterer! The stuff they did together in Promethea is breath-taking!

  2. Klein is THE Master of Lettering! :)