Aug 15, 2012

Mike Carey on Watchmen

Page from Watchmen. Art by Dave Gibbons.
Excerpt from the afterword written by Mike Carey in 2006 for the Italian book Watchmen 20 anni dopo. The complete piece can be read here.

Watchmen isn’t the sort of book that opens with a key, and turns out to have been talking about one particular thing all along, under the light disguises of fantasy. It resonates on every level, from the psychological to the mythic by way of the political. It has meanings but no morals. It refuses consolation both to the new frontiersman Rorschach and the utopian dreamer Ozymandias.

Perhaps that’s why it’s aged so well. It’s a trite truth that nothing dates faster than the topical, and nothing is more topical than the timeless. By cutting itself loose from any real world context, and yet at the same time tying itself so precisely to an era that could have/couldn’t have/could have happened, Watchmen has the best of both worlds: the acerbic accuracy of social commentary, and the endless, effortless now of fairy stories and myth cycles.
[Mike Carey]

Read here the complete article.

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