Oct 6, 2012

Alan Moore goes to... PROVIDENCE!

The 22th of September 2012, during the first N.I.C.E. convention, Alan Moore announced his new comics project to be published by Avatar Press, PROVIDENCE, a sequel of Neonomicon
It will be a 10 part series, set in 1919, featuring Lovecraft himself as a character and exploring the inspiration behind the horrific mythology he created.
The series' illustrator has not been officially announced yet but it's highly probable it will be Neonomicon artist, Jacen Burrows.
See and listen Moore talking about Providence in the video below.


Tidy Eye said...

sounds great. also sounds like someone could do with a better agent.

Bryant Burnette said...

Any news on this? I'm definitely looking forward to it.

smoky man said...

From an interview dated 2013, Moore said: [it] "won’t be coming out for at least another year". More details here: from Comics Beat site

smoky man said...

Moore talks about Providence, at Comics Beat site

Bryant Burnette said...

Fantastic interview. Thanks! Looking forward to "Providence" AND "Jerusalem." Looking forward to whatever Moore does, though, to be honest; I'd follow him more or less anywhere.