Jan 26, 2013

Moore Movies

Mitch Jenkins e Alan Moore sul set di Jimmy's End.
We talked about it some months ago and last November 2012 they were officially released: Act's of Faith and Jimmy's End, the first two shorts in a noirish film series realized by Alan Moore in collaboration with photographer Mitch Jenkins (they previously worked together on the Unearthing project).

Official website: www.jimmysend.com

"[...] The series, comprising five shorts leading up to a feature-length, also entitled The Show, marks Moore’s first writing specifically done for the screen and is set in their mutual hometown, Northampton, exploring the locality’s seedier underbelly.

So far, two films have been delivered: the first, Act's of Faith, follows Faith Harrington (Siobhan Hewlett), a single nymphomaniac living on her own who pursues increasingly insidious ways to fulfil her addiction. The second has James Mitchum (Darrell D'Silva) making his way into the bowls of St James End Working Men’s Club's neo noir-tinged crypt of debauchery and hedonism."
From The Quietus interview with Mitch Jenkins: here.

Other references:
Alan Moore about the making-of Jimmy's End: HERE.

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