Jun 2, 2013

Alan Moore talks about celebrity status

Alan Moore's portrait by Charles Burns.
The Believer: You don’t seem to be part of the convention circuit, which is how many in the comics industry try to connect to fans. But I don’t see you as particularly shy, either. 
Alan Moore: No, I’m not a very shy person. I’m just somebody who’s got a lot of work and who doesn’t like to parade himself in new celebrity contexts. So I don’t like to go to conventions, and I don’t like to relate to people on a level of hero worship, because there’s no real communication going on there. I prefer to talk to people on the same level. So, no, I’m not shy, but I am not publicity-seeking either.
[Excerpt from an interview by Peter Bebergal, available online on The Beliver site, and printed in The Believer N.99, June 2013] 

Visit here the Charles Burns: Cover portraits for The Believer 2003-2013 exhibition page. "Behind the scene" of the exhibit here.

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