Dec 9, 2013

The Italian Dodgem Logic edition

In October, Italian publisher 001 Edizioni published a volume titled The Best of Dodgem Logic, a selected collection of articles, essays, comics and illustrations from Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic magazine. 
The book is printed as a 192-page color softcover with French flaps, 21 cm (wide) x 29,7 cm (tall) (portrait). Cover price is € 34,95
In the following you can see some preview pages.

For my part, I co-edited the book and translated some pieces. It was a very challenging but rewarding experience.
Preview pages from The best of Dodgem Logic (001 Edizioni).


  1. I think this book, AND a version of LEAGUE: CENTURY are collected in hardback, in Italian versions only.

    I actually can't read much of it (and I understand a little Spanish, in spite of that) but these are pretty to see, those who can read these are the lucky ones!

  2. The LoEG is published in Italy by Bao. Check HERE for a special X-mas gift! :)