Apr 9, 2015

Alan Moore on Gabriel Andrade

Page from Crossed Plus One Hundred N. 1. Art by Gabriel Andrade.
Moore talks about Crossed + One Hundred artist Gabriel Andrade.
Excerpt from an interview conducted by Pádraig Ó Méalóid, posted on The Beat.

Alan Moore: [...] I’ve seen Gabriel’s art up to #4, which looks tremendous – Gabriel Andrade, real old-school brilliant. There’s been a lot of – funny, some of the stuff about working on Crossed has reminded me a bit of – the values of it, it’s reminded me a bit of working on 2000 AD, or something. All right, it’s a lot more sweary, and a lot more violent, and there’s a lot more sex in it but, I don’t know, we’re using that very regular six-panel grid, and it’s a science fiction story, so, yeah, there’s been – and it’s done with an artist like Gabriel Andrade who’s clearly not afraid of using a few blacks. He comes from an – obviously from, it looks like a black-and-white comics school. It’s like the artists from England, or the Philippines, or – most places other than America, really.

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