Jun 18, 2015

no Big Ben

Art by Alan Davis.

"The initial sketch for this Marvelman cover was a little too woolly and vague so Big Ben wasn't recognised during the approval process. Clearly visible in the final pencils I discovered  there were legal issues preventing Big Ben appearing so he had to be removed. Rather than  erasing the figure and risking damaging the page  surface I drew the correction on a separate patch which I inserted after Mark had inked both parts." [Alan Davis]

The whole cover process - rough, pencils, inks (by Mark Farmer) and modified part - can be seen here.

The final illustration has been used as cover for Miracleman N. 4 (Marvel Comics).

1 comment:

Mike said...

So Marvel didn't have rights to put Big Ben on the cover but got the rights to include him in the issue? That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.