Mar 3, 2016

John Totleben talks drawing Swamp Thing and Miracleman

Miracleman advertising art (1986) by John Totleben.
Excerpt from an interview with John Totleben published on

popOptiq: How did you transition from Swamp Thing to Miracleman?
John Totleben: There wasn’t much of a transition. I’d always drew the drew the way I drew. It was just a different approach because Miracleman had a superhero, sci-fi kind of look to it whereas Swamp Thing was more horror and organic. The horror element was in Miracleman too, but it wasn’t essential to Miracleman as it was in Swamp Thing. The difference really for me was that Swamp Thing was organic in nature, in terms of the way we approached it. Miracleman was architectural in nature. It seemed it had to be built because there was a lot of figuring out such what the designs were like in Olympus and even the story construction of the panels.

The complete interview is available here.

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