May 29, 2016

Mr. Metterton and Mr. Matchbright double act

Alan Moore plays Metterton in A Professional Relationship.
Below, some dialogues from "A Professional Relationship" one of the five videos included in SHOW PIECES, the film project created by Alan Moore (writer) and Mitch Jenkins (director).

[From the video's synopsis] A Professional Relationship: Matchbright and Metterton - a working partnership, a meeting of two minds. A Double Act. Well at least that's the general concept. All is fair in love and war.
I mean, I'm the conceited, judgmental one, and you're the monumentally ugly face of darkness, sin, and temptation.
I mean, that's who we are, Nick.
That's our act. That's our double act.

Oh, right. We're a double act.
We're Morecambe and Wise.

Yes, that's the general concept, you know.
Hitler and Churchill, Tom and Jerry,
thesis and antithesis, that kind of thing.

We're not a double act.
We've never been a double act.

It's always been about you, isn't it?
The Great I Am.

I don't get any say in how things develop, do I?
I'm just here to take all the blame and make you look good.
Well, to be fair, Nicky, I think I look pretty good already.

I mean, gold skin and a haircut like the Big Bang?

I mean, I look like the light of the world, whereas you look like Death's prolapsed rectum.

But I take your point, Nicky.
I take your point.

I've been very hard on you.

You're a good man, Nicky.
You're a good colleague and I don't give you enough credit and we've been with this project since its genesis.

And believe me, you're going to be there for all of its final revelations, you can depend upon it.

I value your contribution, Nicky.
I really do.
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