Aug 11, 2016

John Coulthart and... waiting for The Soul

Eroom Nala: Are there any future collaborations with Alan you can tell us about? For example a quote from an old Previews magazine "John Coulthart, who will be doing a decadent, partly computer-generated occult strip called "The Soul." The Soul is an occult investigatress who operates in or around 1910 – but it's a very strange 1910, a very beautiful, Art Nouveau world." Can you tell us any more about The Soul? Do you know when and by whom it will be published when it is finished?
John Coulthart: There's not much to tell at the moment since the whole idea remains at a very early stage of development. There are several distinct spheres of influence that it should bring together: early 20th century occultism of the kind seen in many of the "psychic detective" stories of the '20s and '30s, lush and exotic post-Decadence Art Nouveau and the cosmic horror of the early pulp magazines, especially Weird Tales.

The complete interview is available here

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