Oct 27, 2016

Alan Moore and... Timothy Leary’s shin

Timothy Leary
Excerpt from the amazing "Ode to the Eternalist" interview conducted by David Erdos and published on International Times site. The complete piece is available HERE.

Alan Moore: Hey, did I tell you, I’ve actually got a bit of Timothy Leary on my altar at home?
David Erdos: Really? Which bit?
Alan Moore: Its actually a small part of his shin. Apparently, some of his ashes were blasted into space, by which we mean blasted into Nevada, because most of those things don’t have enough escape velocity,so they tend to end up in the desert. But some of the remaining ashes were given to friends including Brian Barrett who wrote ‘Whisper’ and who was told to scatter them on Stonehenge and allow anyone who caught them to give them to anyone who they thought deserved them. My friend John Higgs was there for the ceremony and at the end he noticed a tiny flake of bone left on the altar, so he gave it to me in this little reliquary and I put it on my altar. And so I asked my ‘gentleman supplier,’ ‘Do people actually do acid these days?’ I’m not sure I want to do any myself but I wanted to know and he came through with two little sugar cubes, so I put them in the reliquary with Tim, because I think that’s what Tim would have wanted! And if I ever do get round to taking the acid I’m sure it will be infused with the spirit of the counter culture in its purest form!

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