Sep 9, 2017

Warren Ellis reviews Alan Moore

Warren Ellis. Photograph by Ellen J Rogers.
Years ago, acclaimed comic book writer and novelist WARREN ELLIS wrote some reviews on Alan Moore's works for, a site he co-founded. Excerpts are shown below.

Alan Moore's Magic Words: "[...] Not the same as an Alan Moore comic per se, since the artists are doing their own sequential-art interpretations of his songs, but, frankly, any Alan Moore writing is better than no Alan Moore writing. [...]"

The Birth Caul: [...] It's about magic. It's about invocation of something, about a shaman's conversation with the great and secret things lurking at the back of their own brain, about the genetic incantations of the vast skein of life we're brought out into in our silvered veils. [...] This is where Alan Moore's power has been hiding. Listen."

A Small Killing: "[...] It is, perhaps, more a song than the huge symphonies we've come to expect from Moore. But it is a very personal, tremendously affecting piece of work, and a keystone in his body of writing. [...]"

Snakes & Ladders: [...] This, as well as the cave, is where Alan, as a practising magician, does his workings: art as magic and magic as art. [...]"

All the reviews written by Warren Ellis for are available HERE.

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Mike said...

I agree with his review of A Small Killing, which doesn't nearly get the credit it should. Good find!