Jan 15, 2018

Jim Baikie and Alan Moore

Art by Jim Baikie.
Above, the illustration drawn by Scottish comic creator JIM BAIKIE as contribution to Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman (2003, Abiogenesis Press).

Jim Baikie passed away the 29th of December 2017: this post is a little tribute to the man and his art. You can read more about Baikie and his work here

Baikie collaborated with Moore on Skizz and First American.
"I’ve worked with some of the comics industry’s finest writers, and I have good things to say about all of them, but the sheer amount of extra effort Alan puts into communicating with the artist makes his scripts a joy; each one reads like a fraternal letter rather than workaday instruction for stage-dressing. Alan is writing one more instalment of ‘First American,’ and I know I’ll be laughing like a hyena as soon as the first closely typed page emerges upside down from my fax machine." [Jim Baikie, Alan Moore: Portrait, 2003].

UPDATE - Jim Baikie: An Appreciation by Alan Moore: HERE.

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