Sep 16, 2020

Fiction, Opera and Magicians

Stripgids n.7. Cover art by Dave McKean.
Below, a small excerpt from a long interview conducted by journalist Peter Moerenhout and published in Dutch magazine Stripgids n.7, June 2020.

Special thanks to Peter Moerenhout for his permission to post the excerpt from the original interview text. Grazie, Peter!
Alan Moore: [...] As far as new fiction goes, I was very pleased to write a longish short story for PS Publishing’s authorised revival of Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds, my favourite magazine of all time and one which it was a boyhood dream of mine to contribute to. The story I’ve written, all set in the first femto-second of existence, is titled ‘The Improbably Complex High-Energy State’. Then, after that, I wrote a story of similar length for the next issue of the Northampton Arts Lab magazine, which this time around is a science-fiction anthology edited by Donna Bond. The story [...] is called ‘Location, Location, Location’ and deals with the pressing issue of whereabouts in Bedford Jesus Christ is going to live when he returns after the surely-imminent apocalypse. Another story, which I’m writing at the moment, is titled ‘We Plough the Stars and Scatter’, a science fiction story which, yes, alright, you’ve got me, is set in Northamptonshire, in the Republic of Greater Billing in the year 2062. I’ve met with Tony Bennett from Knockabout to discuss completing and publishing The Moon & Serpent Bumper Book of Magic, but probably the most significant project is the resumption of my abandoned John Dee opera, this time in collaboration with the exquisite musician Howard Gray. I’ve written another of the short intervals that punctuate the narrative, an operatic conversation between the dying magus and his faithful surviving daughter Katherine. [...] and have contributed short to-camera pieces for various causes, such as Extinction Rebellion. [...]
More info about Stripgids: HERE.

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