Jan 17, 2022

From Italy: Frank Miller on Alan Moore

Excerpt from an interview with Frank Miller by Luca Valtorta, printed the 8th of January on the Italian magazine Robinson.
WARNING: I translated the excerpt... from the Italian translation. So these are not the exact Miller's words. No access to the original source. 
Special thanks for the support to my friend Antonio Solinas.

Furthermore, the interview, in Italian, is available online: HERE (it's an expanded version compared to the printed one).
Luca Valtorta: What do you think about Alan Moore's statement that "superhero movies made for grown-ups are grotesque". [smoky note: I think the exact statement is a bit different. Moore said: "I have no interest in superheroes, they were a thing that was invented in the late 1930s for children, and they are perfectly good as children’s entertainment. But if you try to make them for the adult world then I think it becomes kind of grotesque." Source: Deadline]
Frank Miller: I have no comment, really. I don't like generalizations. I wouldn't say "westerns are bad movies". I am sorry but I am a bit more liberal than Alan.

Did you ever meet him in person?
Yes, we know each other pretty well. We disagree on many things but this has never been an obstacle to have a good time together.

Lately he has disappeared...
Yes, he doesn't like to get around that much but we all have tough moments...

Moore has declared himself an anarchist. And you?
I am a libertarian.

Maybe Moore and you agree on his declaration that movies have stolen all the characters from the comic book authors. For example, you have been involved in Nolan's Batman trilogy which references your stories even in the titles...
You see? Alan hasn't really disappeared! For sure he hasn't remained silent! This is like saying that an actor disappears if he wear sunglasses [Miller laughs].
Anyway I didn't get involved in Nolan's movies. [...]

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