Dec 1, 2023

A book for Moore 70: Portraits

Cover art by Gary Spencer Millidge (based on a photograph by Joe Brown)
We did it, AGAIN! 20 years after the Alan Moore: Portrait, I conceived and edited a new book (in English only) to celebrate The Man and wish him a collective "Happy birthday"! 
It's a little belated birthday gift and an advance X-Mas present but... it's HERE!

A celebration of the acclaimed British writer ALAN MOORE on the occasion of his 70th birthday.

This 150-page volume contains short essays, memories and portraits by 50+ contributors including Gary Spencer Millidge (cover), Iain Sinclair (foreword), Peter Hogan (afterword), Paul Gravett, Russell Willis, John Coulthart, Koom Kankesan, Gene Ha, Zander Cannon, Hilary Barta, Jacen Burrows
, Eduardo Risso, Hunt Emerson, and more (see the complete list in the image below).

100% of the net profits proceed from this book are to be donated to the NGO Doctors Without Borders. 
It's a DIY production, a labour of love, with no publisher attached, so it's available only on Amazon stores. It's the solution that we found to manage distribution and make the book available to all the readers interested, world wide. 
So check it on the following direct links or simply search it on Amazon (I suggest "Alan Moore smoky man" as keywords).

US ---- UK ---- DE ---- FR ---- ES ---- IT
NL ---- PL ---- SE ---- JP ---- CA ---- AU

It needed a lot of hard work and I couldn't have done it without the amazing contribution of all the artists and writers who generously answered the call. GRAZIE a tutti. I am really proud of the final result. Thank you, AGAIN! (Special thanks to Omar & Angelo for their unwavering support.) And...We all hope that Alan will like it.
Below, the full content list and some sample pages. Enjoy! 
Ancora Auguri, Alan. A chent'annos! :)

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