Jan 25, 2012

20th Anniversary Watchmen tribute: Adrian Veidt

Art by Luca Enoch
In 2006 I edited "Watchmen 20 anni dopo", an Italian Watchmen tribute book which was basically a collection of 12 brand new essays by well known comics experts analyzing Moore & Gibbons masterpiece in the occasion of its 20th anniversary. The volume was published by Lavieri with all net profits donated to AIMA, the Italian Alzheimer organization. 
The book also contained a 24 illustration gallery: above you can admire a very intense portrait of Adrian Veidt, the man behind Ozymandias, drawn by the amazing Italian author LUCA ENOCH.
So enjoy and...  many thanks to Mr.Enoch for his permission to post his illustration here!

Luca Enoch is one of the most well-known and popular Italian comics artists and writers. Some info, in English, about Enoch can be found in Lambiek Comiclopedia. He is currently working on his sci-fi series Lilith for SBE and on several other projects and stories.
More news and info about Luca Enoch at his Italian blog: here.

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