Jan 12, 2012

AM Portrait: Master of Reality

Master of Reality by T. Faraci (story) and P. Frisenda (art)

As I previously wrote, the Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman tribute book also contained some comics short stories. 
Some contributors played with Moore-related characters and concepts but others had Moore himself as "special guest" of their story. The last one is the case of Master of reality (with an obvious reference to the Black Sabbath's album too), the 2page story shown here, created by acclaimed Italian artists Tito Faraci (writer) and Pasquale Frisenda (art).

It's a silent story full of "Easter eggs" in each panel. For example in the opening one you can see a lot of characters from the ABC line such as Promethea and some LXG members (on the left), Tom Strong (on the center) and Top 10's Toybox and Smax. Have fun trying to find them all! :)

The story can be read at page 100 of the sold-out volume and it appears here on AMW with the artists' permission. Again, many thanks to Mr. Faraci & Frisenda for their great contribution to the Alan Moore: Portrait.
Master of Reality by T. Faraci (story) and P. Frisenda (art)
Tito Faraci is one of the most appreciated, popular and prolific Italian comics writer. He worked for Disney Itay and penned stories for best selling series such as Diabolik, Dylan Dog and Tex (Sergio Bonelli Editore). He also wrote a bunch of Marvel superheroes stories and his Daredevil/Capitan America one, titled Dead On Arrival, was also published in the USA market. Recently his horror novel, Oltre la soglia, has been published in Italy by Piemme. 

Pasquale Frisenda started his career in the 90ies. Then he became part of the art team at work on Sergio Bonelli Editore series such as Magico Vento (he also provided covers for the series) and Tex, drawing in 2009 the acclaimed annual Patagonia.

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