Mar 30, 2012

AM Portrait: The League of Extraordinary Characters

Art by Matt Kindt
From the Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman book (2003, Abiogenesis Press), a funny 2page strip - titled The Animated Adventure of The League of Extraordinary Characters of Alan Moore - featuring a lot of Moore's characters written and drawn by the great MATT KINDT. It was originally printed at page 294 and 295 of the original volume. Posted on this blog with the kind permission of the author. Thanks Matt!
Art by Matt Kindt
Matt Kindt is the Harvey Award winning writer and artist of the comics and graphic novels MIND MGMT, Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Revolver, 3 Story, Super Spy, 2 Sisters, and Pistolwhip. He has been nominated for 4 Eisner and 3 Harvey Awards (and won once). His work has been published in French, Spanish, Italian, and German.


  1. Hi Smokey.

    Ambitious plans for this site. Wish you all the best!
    I cant seem to find your email adress but wanted to forward this email link to you. Alan moore reading an entire chapter from his up and coming book jerusalem :
    Thought you might enjoy listening and sharing.

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  2. Thanks for your comment. And for the link. I knew it. :)