Apr 6, 2012

a Moore biography in 2013!

Parkin's bookshelves. A lot of Moore in there!
In November 2013, Aurum Press will publish a Moore biography by Lance Parkin. Obviously, I am sure it will be a must-have for any genuine Alan Moore's fan.

Parkin is the author of The Pocket Essential Alan Moore, published in 2001 and reprinted in 2009.

[...] This is a book that I hope will appeal to a wide range of people. I think Alan Moore is one of the most interesting and important living British writers. He’s highly visible, too. Just in the last couple of months, we’ve seen the influence he’s been: Anonymous and Occupy make use of the V mask, and there was a huge amount of discussion of the Watchmen prequels. He’s shown up on the Channel Four News, he delivered a marvelous Thought for the Day on Radio 4.

So, yes, I hope my book will be of use to people who are not avid comics fans who are curious about him. But I also hope that even the most knowledgeable comics fan will read it and go ‘well, I never knew that’. I’m unearthing all sorts of things and finding all sorts of connections that I didn’t know about.

Alan Moore is often seen as a wild and eccentric figure, and clearly that’s part of the mix … but, at the same time, it’s often struck me that a lot of what interests and drives him seems remarkably consistent and level-headed.
[...] There are contradictions and complexities about, say, an individualistic artistic talent working for a multimedia conglomerate. There are interesting things to say about the nature of ‘originality’ in art generally, and in an often derivative genre like superhero comics more specifically. Above all else, Moore often writes big, complex books about big, complex things. I think there are many big, meaty things to talk about, and my hope is that I’ll be writing a big, meaty book that tackles them.

You can read the complete article at Parkin's site. Just click on the link.


Arion said...

Hello, I really like your blog. Of course, I'm a huge fan of Alan Moore. A few days ago I expressed my rejection to Before Watchmen on my blog.

You can visit me here


smoky man said...

Arion, thanks for the comment.
I visited your blog. And I agree with you on the W2 thing.