Jun 24, 2012

Moore movies are coming soon!

Alan Moore joins forces with director Mitch Jenkins for a series of short films, produced by Lex in association with The Creators Project. These shorts are written by Moore with his ongoing creative involvement.
The first installment, entitled Act of Faith was recently shot in London; the second piece, Jimmy’s End, will be filmed in Northampton later this summer.

Originally intended as a brief ten-minute, one-off piece, the project has evolved into a multi-layered, multi-episode narrative created by Moore and brought to life by Jenkins. The working title for the overall series is Show Pieces.
Act of Faith and Jimmy’s End will premiere at The Creator’s Project event in NYC October 2012.

Moore and Jenkins previously collaborated on the Unearthing project and Dodgem Logic magazine.


  1. Cool news! I´m waiting for this Alan Moore´s short films. =)

    Greetings from Spain.

  2. Carlos --
    thanks for the visit! :)