Jul 3, 2012

The Italian League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

art by Kevin O'Neill, colors by Ben Dimagmaliw
This October, Italian comics company Bao Publishing (which previously published Neonomicon with great success: first edition sold out almost immediately, so it has been re-printed) will publish the collected edition of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century. It seems they will be the first publisher in the world to print Century in collected form.

Furthermore, they commissioned a brand new cover to the amazing Kevin O'Neill for the occasion. Above you can see it: art by Kevin O'Neill, colors by Ben Dimagmaliw.

Below, you can see the inked black and white version and the hand-painted color guide indications provided to Dimagmaliw by Kevin O'Neill.
Art by Kevin O'Neill
You can also read (in Italian) and see some pictures of Bao presence at the recent Century premier at Gosh! here.

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