Feb 25, 2013

Alan Moore and the Sardinian mask

The Romans used to say "tempus fugit". So it was 2002 and I wrote these little piece after sending... a Sardinian mask to Master writer Alan Moore as a gift for his 49th birthday. Enjoy! :)

Alan Moore and the Sardinian mask
by smoky man
photos © pietdesnapp

It's a long story with a happy ending.
Or, if you prefer, a fan's dream come true.

It is no secret to I say I love Alan Moore's work. He is the best writer the comics medium has ever had. And I conceived a whole "online special" as a homage to his work and genius!

But let's get straight to the point.
Recently I co-edited the enriched Italian edition of "The Pocket Essentials - Alan Moore" and I had the great fortune to have contact with The Man himself. He was very gentle and supportive with the project. A real Extraordinary Gentleman.

I knew he had a huge collection of strange objects and paraphernalia. I mean, he is a Magus, he had to like strange stuff! 
So, some weeks ago I thought to send him a special gift. An early gift for his 49th birthday.
Living in Sardinia, a beautiful island set in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, it was easy to find a typical product from local folklore.
And I decided to send Alan a traditional mask used during the carnival ceremonies in a little Sardinian town called Ottana.
It's a wooden mask in a shape of a horned bovine. It is related to the ancient agro-pastoral rites performed by the locals to pray that Mother Nature be fruitful in Spring and, maybe, to drive the evil spirits out. Anyway, I am not an expert, so don't believe everything I've said.

What is important is Alan liked it very much and was very pleased by the "originality" of the object. And I know he has reserved it a special place on one of the walls in his home.
The photos that you can see here are the proof of this fan's dream come true (a special thanks to photographer and friend Piet Corr and to Alan for his permission to show them).
Ah, if I am still dreaming please don't wake me up ;-)
Originally posted in November 2002 on Ultrazine website.
All photos © pietdesnapp

Fast forward to... 2010.
Dodgem Logic issue six, October-November 2010. Alan Moore's short essay titled The possibility of Life on another World, with illustrations by Hoax.
Look at page 37... the mask is there!!!
Sardinia rules! 'Nuff said! :)
Dodgem Logic N.6, page 37. Illustration by Hoax.
About Hoax's Dodgem Logic N.6 making-of 
visit this link and watch the related video.

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