Jul 11, 2013

Alan Moore needs you... on Kickstarter

You probably already know this but... Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins are on Kistarter crowd-funding their fifth short film titled His Heavy Heart and part of the so-called Jimmy's End Cycle. It's the final missing piece of a bigger project which could eventually generate a feature film titled The Show.
Kickstarter campaigns run for 30 days and this will ends July 17. With just 6 days to go, currently the funding reached 35,000 pounds of the 45,000 they need. 
Kickstarter incentives for His Heavy Heart are really appealing, including beermats, t-shirts, artwork, and most attractive of all, the boxed set of the 5 short films with... Alan Moore's, never before seen, original hand-drawn 80 panel storyboard!!!

In a recent interview Moore said: "These films are going to be done the way that Mitch and I want to do them or they won’t be done. We’ve got a very hardline approach which might ultimately mean that they don’t get done, you know, but me and Mitch are happy with what we’ve done so far. Everybody’s done a brilliant job and we hope that when people have listened to the music, seen the other films, that they’ll realise that we’re offering a very unusual flavor here and a bit of an unusual art event in that it’s hopefully very accessible. I mean, I don’t think that Jimmy's End comes across as an arthouse film. It’s kind of like weird mainstream cinema."  
Article in the NY Post.
Bleeding Cool interview with Moore: HERE.
Salon interview with Moore: HERE.

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