Jul 13, 2013

Kickstarter campaign: "WE'VE HIT OUR GOAL"

But the campaign ends the 17th of July, so there is a new goal.

If we can make it to £50k, there's another mini short film that's been written...

Matchbright and Metterton have a strained relationship. It may be a professional one but as we all know, it's also one that crosses boundaries in more way than one. On one particularly drunken evening, they decide to wax lyrical and improv an obscene dialogue which rapidly spirals out of control.
This would be a mini short - it's a simple set up, filmed in Metterton's living room. We never thought we'd make this, but given the opportunity, we'd LOVE to!
If we reach £50k, this will be included on the DVD and in the download option.
Let make this happen!

CAST OF 'THE SHOW' (L-R)Khandie Kisses, Andrew Buckley, Darrel D'Silva, Siobbhan Hewlett, Dark Teaser, Alan Moore, Robert Goodman, Luli Blue, Roze Thorn, Boy Kitten, Melinda Gebbie.
UPDATE!!!: We have the sixth film!!!

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