Nov 14, 2013

Marvel CCO talks about Miracleman

Mike Deodato Jr.'s modern interpretation of Miracleman. In black and white.

Marvel's announcement at NYCC and the subsequent solicitations copy referred to the series and character as Miracleman -- the name adopted in America in the '80s. Why keep with this title on this project? Are you guys viewing Neil's Miracleman series of stories different from Marvelman as a character you may use somewhere else?
Joe Quesada: The answer is really simple. After much thought and internal discussion, we felt that between the two, "Miracleman" was the coolest name for the project. I wish I had a more scientific answer for you, but that's kind of how it went down. A bunch of us sat around at the editorial meeting and talked about it. We all remember it fondly as "Miracleman" and just felt that the name was by far better than Marvelman. That's not to say that the name Marvelman isn't in play for something else down the line someday, but when asked to choose between the two, well…

[...] "Miracleman" was one of my all-time favorite comic runs, and when I became Marvel's Editor-in-Chief in 2000, it was one of those things that we looked into possibly acquiring. But, for many reasons, it wasn't something that was going to pan out at that time. So to have the character in our stable at this juncture is really a dream come true. The tough thing about Miracleman is that unless you were reading the actual books around the time that they were published, it's so hard to put into context just how influential they really were. But there have been so many legendary modern comic runs -- and even modern super hero and action adventure movies -- that owe a debt to those Miracleman comics as they were directly influence by the level of realism and tone that were presented for the first time in those stories. I urge fans who are unfamiliar with the material that when they read it for the first time, think about the time period in which it was written and how utterly revolutionary it was.

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