Jan 26, 2014

Garry Leach on Miracleman's return

Garry Leach self-portrait as "Lego Miracleman"
Comics Alliance: When you originally started working on the project, did you think it would be as revolutionary as it was? That you’d be doing an interview about it thirty years after the fact?
Garry Leach: Good god, no. We were just a bunch of guys who wanted more creator control than we could get at the big UK publishers. Their ideas were at least 10 years behind the times, 2000AD was the rare exception and we were already working on that. When the first strips came in we knew we had something special and the fan reaction was incredible. The real cruncher was the Eagle awards where we scooped a stash and we also won best Action Strip, Best Writer and Best Adventure Artist from the S.S.I. ( Society of Strip Illustrators ) as these were our industry peers it was quite a big deal. Even that didn’t really indicate the longevity Marvelman would have, or that he would become an iconic character, it still surprises me now.

You can read the complete interview: here.

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