Jan 23, 2014

Moore is one of the finalists for the Grand Prix

Bill Watterson, Katsuhiro Otomo and Alan Moore are the finalists for this year Angoulême Grand Prix.

The Grand Prix is one of the most important awards in comics and the winner is nominated president of the jury for the the following year’s festival.

The winner will be announced on February 2nd.

More info here, in French.

[UPDATE] The Grand Prix went to Bill Watterson (more info here, in French).
Previously Moore declared: "I’ve decided not to accept any more awards, don’t be mad at me. I’d rather they were given to less conventional people. I don’t go to conventions any more, I don’t accept awards any more. I can understand and appreciate the feelings of those who choose me, but I only want to take responsability for what I have decided to take on, and not the expectations of others."(the complete article here)

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