Mar 21, 2014

Alan Moore & Steve Moore

Panels from V for Vendetta. Art by David Lloyd.
"Steve Moore sat in the armchair opposite his bed with ballpoint pen and notepad, spiral bound, neat sloping capitals, each line a blue queue leaning forward, barely masking their impatience, as the book-crammed room around him pales unnoticed into dusk there on the top of Shooters Hill.

[...] Pay attention to his spectacles, refracted light turning the puzzled eyes beyond the lenses into abstract clots of pearl and white. Just change the point of view a little, move an inch or so to one side or the other and the optical illusion fails… There’s nobody there, was never anybody there except a fluctuation in the visual purple, a perceptual misunderstanding, trick of moonlight."
[excerpts from Alan Moore's Unearthing]

"[Unearthing is]... more of a human excavation than the excavation of a place, but because Steve Moore has lived his entire life in one house on top of Shooter's Hill and he currently sleeps no more than four paces from the spot where he was born, it does become a work of psychogeography as well." [Alan Moore, excerpt from The Quietus interview]

British writer Steve Moore - a key figure in UK comics scene and Alan Moore's mentor, collaborator and close friend - passed away few days ago

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