Mar 24, 2014

The Bojeffries Saga: Alan Moore masterpiece of 2014

Warrior N. 12, the first appearance of  The Bojeffries. Cover art by Steve Parkhouse.
"I’d say that The Bojeffries Saga is undoubtedly the funniest of Moore’s writing, elegantly and comedically matched by the fluid stylings of Steve Parkhouse. But more than that I reckon it’s one of his very best.
Funnier than the hilarious D.R. & Quinch? Definitely. Better than Watchmen? Oh yes. Better than V For Vendetta? Yep. Better than Miracleman? Without question. Better than From Hell? Hmm… depends on my mood, but right up there." [Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet blog]

The volume has been recently reprinted, with new material included in, by Top Shelf and Knockabout.

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