Apr 25, 2014

Unpublished Marvelman by Ashley Wood

Art by Ashley Wood.
From Comic Art Fans site. In the following, excerpt from the item description.

Ashley Wood - Marvelman/Miracleman Pin Up, Unpublished, 2000, Pen and Ink / WhiteOut / Pencil, 11 x 17, Signed.

Done for Miracleman's return to comics!

Miracleman re-appeared as alter ego Mike Moran in Todd McFarlane's Hellspawn #7. Due to a legal battle between Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane over the ownership of the character rights, he never appeared in costume as intended. Miracleman and Hellspawn were to join forces in an armageddon-like finale which would have taken place in issue(s) #12 and/or #13. The storyline was meant to climax with Mike Moran regaining his memory and appearing in full costume as Miracleman! Sadly, this was never realized... unfortunately, Miracleman finally made his re-appearence in the poorly realized and oft-delayed Image 10th Anniversary Hardcover Special where he was renamed "The Man of Miracles" to avoid further litigation with Gaiman.

There are only four pieces of Ashley Wood art known to exist featuring Miracleman in full regalia! This particular pin up is the only one to feature both Mike Moran and Marvelman/Miracleman! 

More details at Comic Art Fans site: here

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