Apr 11, 2014

Victorian pornography vs. contemporary pornography

Excerpt from Moore's Murder & Prostitution in 19th Century London contained in A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex published by Combustion Books in 2012. 

Another thing that I enjoy about Victorian pornography is that it is very different from contemporary pornography. In contemporary pornography, all of the women are conveniently bisexual and all of the men are relentlessly heterosexual. Because that’s the way that modern men like it. That wasn’t true in Victorian pornography. All of the characters seem to be sexually ambivalent. There was not a male heterosexual template that was being used in the same way that there is today. It was a lot more fluid. Considering what a hidebound society Victorian society actually was, in its dream life, it was a lot more of a fluid proposition. Sexual identities could flow and change. [Alan Moore]

by Professor Calamity, Alan Moore, Luna Celeste, & others (2012, Combustion Books)
contains three articles by Moore:
Gay New York (pp. 19-21)
Lost Girls & Pornography (pp. 37-42)
Murder & Prostitution in 19th Century London (pp. 63-68)

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