Nov 20, 2014

Brian K. Vaughan's hero

A page from Swamp Thing Vol.3 N.2 (Vertigo, 2000) by B.K. Vaughan, R. Petersen and J. Rubinstein.
Excerpt from an interview with acclaimed writer Brian K. Vaughan (Y: The last man, Ex Machina, Saga) conducted by Adriano Ercolani and Evil Monkey during the last Lucca Comics & Games convention. 
Originally published in Italian on Fumettologica site.

Is there any other author that you feel close to you or you are inspired by?
Brian K. Vaughan: In comics...Alan Moore is my hero. Bur I will never be able to write in his style.

Well, you have been compared to him many times!
Brian K. Vaughan: Unfairly! Maybe they said: "This guy sucks compared to Alan Moore!"

The complete interview, in Italian, can be read here.
Special thanks to Adriano Ercolani for the support.

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