Nov 16, 2014

Electricomics booklet

Art: Colleen Doran, colours: José Villarrubia; logo: Todd Klein.
Above the cover for the Electricomics limited edition booklet produced for Thought Bubble 2014: art by Colleen Doran, colours by José Villarrubia, logo by Todd Klein. It's a clear homage to the works of Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha.

The booklet will have some of the beautiful art we have coming in for the project, some of the lovely shots taken by Mitch Jenkins over the course of project so far, a stunning cover by Colleen Doran, a completely new three page comic by our digital comics guru Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, and an interview with the man behind the curtain himself, Alan Moore.
Mr Moore has kindly said he will pre-sign all of them [...].
More details at Electricomics website here.

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